Harold P. Kirby, LCSW/BCD

Relationship Obsession (R-OCD)

Relationships are an important and essential part of our human experience. Forming and sustaining intimate relationships is valuable in our society and can cause major stress for OCD sufferers and non-sufferers alike. When OCD is present and demanding certainty within your relationship, it creates additional stressors that can increase relationship discord and decrease your relationship …

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From CBT to Mindfulness or MBCT

There are a multitude of therapeutic approaches that help decrease human distress and suffering. In this article I will talk about two that have been influential and successful in understanding and treating many mental health and quality of life issues. Both are based in a present moment orientation and represent a welcome joining of eastern …

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Where Was I Just Then? Mindfulness Meditation

Week One MSAM:  Identifying our thoughts, images and automatic reactivety to them.   Seeing our thoughts instead of being our thoughts. For many years as I ate a meal I noticed that often the last bite of whatever I was eating tasted so good.  Better than all the other bites, in fact.  I have to admit that this …

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What is mindfulness meditation?

What is meditation?  The Pali word for meditation is ‘bhavana’ which means ‘to make grow’ or ‘to develop’. What is mindfulness? Mindfulness meditation is what comes as the result of paying attention to something in this moment, on purpose and without judgement.  Adapted from Jon Kabat-Zinn Audio-Mindfulness for Beginners. I’m sitting here preparing material so …

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What Mindful Meditation Practice is Not

There are many myths and misunderstandings regarding what a mindful meditation practice is. So let’s start from the end.  I’ll explain what I mean by starting from the end.  I have a friend who, while in music school years ago, used to practice all the wrong notes in a musical scale on his saxophone. This …

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