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About Harold Kirby | Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

Harold Kirby is a certified Grief Recovery Specialist utilizing the Grief Recovery Method®. He is devoted to helping people move beyond the pain of  loss and regain their ability to lead a fully engaged life. Harold works with individuals as well as co-leading a Grief Recovery Group.

In addition to being a Grief Recovery Specialist in Philadelphia, Harold is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist with over 26 years experience.  Other treatment modalities for non-grief related issues include E/RP, EMDR, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and DBT).


Grief is the normal and natural emotional reaction to loss. It is not limited to death, divorce or significantly tragic events. We can grieve a multitude of things including loss of a job, loss of health, loss of a pet. We can grieve starting or ending school, moving, retirement, financial changes, change in status, loss of trust or loss of safety to name just a few. I’m sure you can imagine things that aren’t on this list that you have lost. In fact, grief can occur in any circumstance where you experience the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior. Humans attach to things and other people very quickly. We experience the loss of attachments deeply.

People learn to acquire things in our culture. We get an education, friends, a job, a car, a romantic relationship and countless other things. We don’t do well when we lose things. Humans possess an innate ability to grieve. We are able to move past loss. We get stuck because we often lack the knowledge for what to do to work through loss. A child before they are conditioned to believe that showing emotion is bad grieves normally and naturally.


Take for instance a five year old. He won’t be able to attend a friends birthday. The friends party has been cancelled. The child, if allowed, will be sad and perhaps cry. If he is held and encouraged to express his natural, normal and healthy sadness he will finish being sad, dry his tears and re engaged with the next moment in his life. But what happens if he does no grieve? What is happening for you not having the skill to deal with your broken heart?

It is my personal experience that Grief Recovery Method works to help people complete their grief and move beyond loss. Contact me. Each person is unique. Harold’s wide range of skills allows him to design treatment that complement the unique needs of each individual. Skills that address grief, OCD, PTSD, BFRB’s, anxiety or depression. His practice is in Center City Philadelphia at 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 1C-52, Philadelphia, PA 19130.