Mindfulness Stress & Anxiety Management Group

A mindfulness-based CBT Course

Mindful Stress & Anxiety Management (MSAM) is a six-week course that combines Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It is geared toward helping those suffering from mildly to moderately debilitating or chronic stress and anxiety achieve and sustain a state of peace and wellness.

MSAM is designed to maximize individual benefit while working in a group setting. The CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy component of MSAM is tailored to each person’s specific needs. MSAM courses teach you how to use mindfulness in order to develop self-awareness, stress management skills, anxiety coping mechanisms, and learn to use your practice to return living a life that you value.

Sessions are 6 weeks in duration and are geared toward beginners and those wanting to refresh their skills. Mindfulness group activities include workbook exercises and the teaching of informal and formal mindfulness skills as well as stress and anxiety management skills. The same guided meditations used in the course are also available on this site.

6-Week Mindfulness Group

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Groups are deliberately kept small, limited to 10 members. We find the smaller groups afford a safer and more relaxing learning environment.

Before they sign up for the group, people often worry that six weeks is too much of a time commitment. Please don’t let this stop you. The truth is that by the last session those same people are amazed at how short 6 weeks can be when they’re learning to care for themselves. They are often sad that our meetings are finished and frequently request a second-level course. We are currently setting up our second-level course and already do a retreat weekend twice yearly. In addition, we will be providing a free mindfulness group “sit” on Sundays.

If you have any questions regarding our mindfulness training or the MSAM center please contact Harold Kirby, and he will be glad to speak with you.