How to Overcome Your Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia)

About seven percent of the population in the U.S. suffer from social anxiety. You are not alone. If you are at an event with a hundred people it is very likely that you will find at least 6 other people with social anxiety and will have suffered from it for most of their lives. You may be thinking “I would have trouble going to an event with 100 people” or even an event with one unknown person. Again, you are not alone!

Social Anxiety Disorder

Many people suffer from fears related to being in the spotlight, fear of being evaluated negatively, or even mildly scrutinized. It makes sense to get help if your social anxiety is stopping you from doing the things that you want to do. Finding the right Philadelphia anxiety treatment for your social phobia will provide you with the means to begin to fight this bully, move toward your potential, and get on the path to achieving what you value in this life.

Treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder

man suffering from social anxiety

But before you do, when in treatment, it’s important to learn about your anxiety and how to begin the process of improvement in stressful situations. While anxiety is very uncomfortable it is not dangerous in a healthy individual. The first mistake that you will need to work with is your thinking and conditioned responses to situations. They have become a pattern or catastrophic habit in your mind. Your sensitive reactions to feeling and thinking and the relationship that you have developed with them have led you to assume that avoiding situations is the answer to feeling better. Think about that for a second…I must avoid what I am afraid of in order to have the life I want?

Once you are coping better with your distorted thinking and managing your emotional reasoning you will begin learning that meeting new people can lead to new experiences, new activities, and less social struggles. You will become more comfortable and confident when you network with others. Let’s face it, even if it’s not job-related, almost all of the conversations we have are a form of networking. We are social creatures and we all thrive better when we have human contact, even if we suffer from a fear of being criticized or rejected.

Your goal is to learn more about the nature of your anxiety your mind and your bodily reactions. You have been trying to avoid anxiety and frankly, that makes it worse. If you didn’t have anxiety you would walk out in front of a bus with no reaction. You can learn to distinguish real and present danger from the danger predicted by our mind’s eye. The nervous system reacts the same way to both.

Anxiety is Normal

There are going to be instances that produce anxiety as you live your life. Anxiety is designed to produce a kind of discomfort that motivates us to action. It is related to danger. Social anxiety disorder in effect causes you to over-appraise danger and more than likely that has become a habit. But in order to lead a happy life, we can’t avoid all social situations that come our way. As you have experienced, social anxiety plays a large role in impeding your growth and potential as time goes on. Therefore, it is best to tackle and overcome this obstacle now.

  • Anxiety results in a rapid and accelerated heart rate, among other uncomfortable symptoms that are not normally dangerous. You have been misinterpreting normal symptoms catastrophically.
  • We will use proven techniques (cognitive therapy, behavioral exposure) to help you cope with these symptoms while staying more present to the moment as you are being more your authentic self.
  • We will train you in relaxation, breathing, and mindfulness techniques designed to help you when faced with a situation that involves social anxiety.

Consult an Expert

Philadelphia cognitive behavioral therapy will help you get improve. I’m here to help. I look forward to helping you get on with the experience of living a life you value.